We think like veterinarians because we are veterinarians.

Our team is committed to supporting you to provide you with the freedom to pursue your personal interests, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and put your well-being first.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients, their pets, and our team members with the kind of personalized care that is achieved and sustained through the right balance of centralized support and hospital-level autonomy.

Our Vision

To be the most caring place for pets, pet parents, and pet care providers.

Our Values

Team First. Be Caring. Take Ownership. Create Trust. Have Fun

Our Story

Veterinary Innovative Partners was started by four veterinarians who love veterinary medicine but didn’t love where the industry was heading. Corporate takeovers. Inflexible, standardized care. Overscheduled, understaffed clinics. Non-competes that keep vets locked into soul-sucking work environments. And a lack of compassion and respect for veterinarians and their teams. They saw too many veterinarians suffer from burnout and lose their passion — and they saw too many practice owners watch their life’s work become unrecognizable in the hands of profit-hungry vet consolidators and corporations. They believed they could do it better, so they did. A revolution in veterinary medicine began.

Veterinary Innovative Partners (VIP) champions a network of more than 40 esteemed veterinary clinics and hospitals across 9 states. We provide the highest standard of care to the pets we treat and the amazing people who choose to work with us. Our approach is simple: Treat every team member like the VIP they are and always do the right thing.

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Adam S. Ainspan, DVM - Founder

Adam S. Ainspan, DVM

Don Costlow, DVM

Brett Shorenstein, VMD

Jay Margolis, DVM

Meet Our Leadership Team

Chris Bishop

Brett Shorenstein, VMD
 Co- Founder, Chief Medical Officer

Torie Madore
EVP, Operations

Jeff Older
Chief Information Officer

Jeff Schleicher
Chief Finance Officer


Michele Silverman
Chief People Officer

Chris Stine 
SVP, Strategy & Legal


Lisa Tarr
EVP, Marketing