Dr. Christine Colamonico dreamt of becoming a veterinarian for as long as she can remember, and graduating from the Veterinary School of Toulouse, France in 2015 was a fulfillment of her childhood dream.

Her experience as a Practicing Veterinarian in France and a Senior Sales Representative in New York strengthened her passion for Veterinary Medicine. Her diverse roles in the Veterinary Industry have allowed her to gain a unique understanding of the daily challenges that veterinary practices and veterinarians face.

Dr. Colamonico joined Veterinary Innovative Partners because she believes in keeping veterinary practices veterinarian owned. She is dedicated to continuously providing outstanding care to our furry patients and memorable experiences for our pet owners.

Dr. Colamonico’s other passions in life are numerous and diverse, from outdoor fun and travel to meditative and artistic experiences. She loves running and is currently completing a 365-day running challenge. She is also a certified Yoga instructor.