Why We Do What We Do

We think like veterinarians because we are veterinarians.

Our Story

Veterinary Innovative Partners was started by four veterinarians who love veterinary medicine but didn't love where the industry was headed. Corporate takeovers, inflexible, standardized care. Overscheduled, and understaffed clinics. Non-competes that keep vets locked into soul-sucking work environments. And a lack of compassion and respect for veterinarians and their teams. They saw too many veterinarians suffer from burnout and lose their passion - and they saw too many practice owners watch their life's work become unrecognizable in the hands of mega-corporations who didn't value our industry. They believed they could do it better, so they did. A revolution in veterinary medicine began.

Veterinary Innovative Partners has championed a network of more than 40 esteemed veterinary clinics and hospitals across 9 states. We provide the highest standard of care to the pets we treat and the amazing people who choose to work with us. Our approach is simple: Treat every team member like the VIP they are, and always do the right thing.

Current Vets

Amazing Pay. Industry-leading benefits. Flexible scheduling. Co-works as quirky and pet obsessed as you. And that's just what we could fit in here.

Discover The VIP Treatment

Practice Owners

You're proud of the practice and the team you've built. Now you're ready for the next stage of your career: the phase where your practice works for you, not the other way around.

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