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Veterinary Innovative Partners was started by four veterinarians who share a single philosophy: When it comes to giving pets the best possible care, veterinarians — not mega-corps — should call the shots. We're doing things differently by giving you the power to design your own future and give pets the best possible care, without the endless red tape.

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No matter where you are in your career, we'd love to be part of your next chapter.


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Amazing pay. Industry-leading benefits. Flexible scheduling. Work-life balance. Co-workers as quirky and pet obsessed as you. And that's just what we could fit here.

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For Practice Owners

You're proud of the practice and the team you've built. Now you're ready for the next stage of your career: the phase where your practice works for you, not the other way around.

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You've invested a lot of time, sleepless nights, and money into your veterinary education. Now let us invest in you — and help you put a bigger dent in your student debt along the way.

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Happy, healthy vets = happier, healthier pets.

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Because work-life balance should be the standard, not the exception. At VIP, we understand you're a person first, and a veterinarian second.

No Non-Competes

We believe in nurturing your veterinary career without constraints. Joining VIP grants you the freedom to craft your career journey on your terms.

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We're always working toward equipping our veterinary care centers with the newest technology in veterinary medicine and giving our teams access to the most advanced innovations possible.


Shape your own earning potential. Choose between a traditional straight salary or salary plus production model to suit your career goals and lifestyle.

Industry-Leading Benefits

Our benefits prioritize your holistic health, with premium health benefits, student debt assistance, retirement options, parental leave, counseling, EAP & more.

Professional Development

Investing in your growth is investing in our future. You'll get personalized mentorship programs, generous CE allowances, and specialized training opportunities.

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Our VIP Leadership & Management training was EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT!!! Our VIP Leadership & Management training was EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT!!! I feel light years better in my role as leader after completing this training! Our instructor gave us tools and the knowledge to help us to manage and lead in a better and more effective way.


Team Member

Our VIP Clinical Trainer was fabulous! Our VIP Clinical Trainer was fabulous! She was quick to help get us training material and videos so staff can have continuing education. She implemented great ideas and techniques for the staff and had wonderful communication and rapport with all of them. She gave us a great base to start building off of and I am excited to see how our staff continues to grow.


Team Member

Joining VIP was a game-changer for me and my practice. Joining VIP was a game-changer for me and my practice. The transition was smoother than I expected, and the ongoing support has been tremendous. It's not just about the financial aspects but the culture and values they bring to the table. My team is thriving, and we're all loving the improved work-life balance.



What truly sets VIP apart is their commitment to mentorship. What truly sets VIP apart is their commitment to mentorship. They created a personalized three-month mentorship plan for me and sent me to various VIP hospitals for hands-on experience.



Founded By Veterinarians, For Veterinarians

Meet Our Founding Four

Jay H. Margolis

DVM | Co-Founder

Don Costlow

DVM | Co-Founder

Adam Ainspan

DVM | Co-Founder

Brett Shorenstein

VMD | Co-Founder

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