Your practice has been your life’s work. Now it’s time to let it work for you.

Amazing pay. Industry-leading benefits. Co-workers as quirky and pet obsessed as you.

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Selling your practice doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your life’s work. As a veterinarian-owned and operated collective, VIP is here to breathe new life into your practice, preserving your legacy and taking it to greater heights

Our staff includes experts in national recruitment and veterinary operations as well as facilities management — a team designed for professional ongoing support with over 20 years of experience, including:

  • Practice Design & Regional Management
  • Economic, Financial & Accounting Experts

  • Human Resources & Recruiting
  • Marketing & Information Technology

  • Facilities Management

Management Relief

Embrace the freedom to practice veterinary medicine while VIP provides all the back-office support.

Individually Tailored Offers

Every situation is unique. We work with you to create the perfect exit strategy.

Financial Security

With VIP, you can maintain your legacy while enjoying the benefits of external support. It’s a partnership that allows you to focus on your passion – veterinary care – while we invest in the growth and prosperity of your practice.

Preserving and Building on your Legacy and Culture

VIP retains the essence of your practice. Trust VIP to preserve the unique culture and values that make your practice special, while adding value in various aspects. We’re committed to enhancing your practice in ways you’ve always dreamed of, from making aesthetic updates to bringing in new technology.

A True Partner

We offer practice owners a non-mega-corp alternative to selling their practice and the opportunity to continue doing what they love. You benefit financially from selling your practice, keeping the career you love, and leaving the day-to-day operations and growth of your business to fellow veterinarians— not executives who don’t know our industry.


The burden of day-to-day practice management will be ours, while you return to the true essence of veterinary medicine. Those countless hours spent working are about to transform into more time for personal pursuits, hobbies, and quality time with loved ones. Life First means embracing a more manageable schedule, where your well-being and happiness are at the forefront.