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Join a team of innovators as a VIP Veterinary Student Ambassador, where you're not just part of a team - you're shaping the industry's tomorrow. This opportunity opens doors to connect with industry professionals, secures priority access to career pathways, and ensures unwavering support from our exceptional team. Our investment in your success within the VIP program goes beyond campus advocacy; it's empowering you with skills to achieve your personal career goals.

Student Ambassador Perks


Develop Your Career

As a VIP student ambassador, you're not just representing us - you're setting yourself up for a career head start. Gain priority access to externships, mentorship programs, summer roles, and post-grad job opportunities.


Network with Industry Leaders

Joining our program means tapping into invaluable industry connections. Get one-on-one feedback and expert interview prep sessions from AVMA professionals, setting you up for success in the field.


Bonus Opportunities

We recognize your exceptional effort and dedication. That's why we offer bonus opportunities to show our appreciation for the student ambassadors who go above and beyond in their roles.


Generous Stipends

Your commitment to the student ambassador program doesn't go unnoticed. To show our gratitude for your time and dedication, we offer a stipend as a way of acknowledging your efforts.


Receive top-notch swag items

Who doesn't love free swag? You'll receive a range of gear to show your VIP support around your campus.

Join Our VIP Community

Our team of college student ambassadors share VIP's values in their communities throughout the country. Be a part of a team that values your unique perspective, encourages your creativity, and supports your aspirations, all while supporting your future career goals. Your voice matters, and together, we'll shape the future of our field. Whether you are ready to make the move and join our team or if you have a few questions first, fill out our contact form below to start the conversation.

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    VIP Events


    July 21 - July 25
    Austin TX

    New York State Vet

    October 4 - October 5
    Ithaca NY


    November 3 - November 5
    Raleigh NC

    NY Vet Show

    November 7 - November 8
    New York NY

    Our VIP Leadership & Management training was EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT!!! Our VIP Leadership & Management training was EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT!!! I feel light years better in my role as leader after completing this training! Our instructor gave us tools and the knowledge to help us to manage and lead in a better and more effective way.


    Team Member

    Our VIP Clinical Trainer was fabulous! Our VIP Clinical Trainer was fabulous! She was quick to help get us training material and videos so staff can have continuing education. She implemented great ideas and techniques for the staff and had wonderful communication and rapport with all of them. She gave us a great base to start building off of and I am excited to see how our staff continues to grow.


    Team Member

    Joining VIP was a game-changer for me and my practice. Joining VIP was a game-changer for me and my practice. The transition was smoother than I expected, and the ongoing support has been tremendous. It's not just about the financial aspects but the culture and values they bring to the table. My team is thriving, and we're all loving the improved work-life balance.



    What truly sets VIP apart is their commitment to mentorship. What truly sets VIP apart is their commitment to mentorship. They created a personalized three-month mentorship plan for me and sent me to various VIP hospitals for hands-on experience.